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Elevate your alien worlds with Alien Planet Environment Mega Pack Vol.1!
Merging the unique ecosystems of the following assets, with a whopping 27% discount!
Alien Jungle
Alien Grasslands
Alien Swamp
Easy Interactive Foliage Physics System
This mega pack offers a comprehensive suite of assets for game developers and filmmakers alike!

Download Demos:

Alien Jungle DemoAlien Swamp DemoAlien Grasslands Demo

Key Features:

  • Four Levels: Wet Jungle, Sahara-type Grasslands, Dry Grasslands, Bioluminescent Swamp
  • 56 Plant Species: Varied, interactive, and physics-enabled, from luminous grass to intricate fungi to towering trees.
  • Expansive Rock Mesh Collection: Includes 34 Jungle, 6 Grassland, and 3 Swamp Rock static meshes.
  • Physics Plant Blueprint: Already included in each biome, now enhanced by the Easy Interactive Foliage Physics System for advanced interactivity.
  • High-Quality Audio: Numerous ambient sound effects and 29 different footstep sounds, adaptive to the physical material below the character (see Demo Mannequin for how it works).
  • High-Resolution Textures: Available at a minimum of 4096×4096, with optimized settings for gameplay.
  • Advanced Environment Systems: From realistic wind flow to bioluminescent lighting effects.
  • Additional Visuals: Animated starry skies, nebula materials, and immersive planet textures.

Easy Interactive Foliage Physics System:

  • Seamless Integration: Now works with UE5 World Partitions and Streamed Levels.
  • Blueprint-Based: No plugins or coding required, fully operable through blueprints.
  • Demo and Documentation: Comes with a demonstration package and a step-by-step instruction manual (See links at bottom of description).
  • Performance-Tested: Operates smoothly on an RTX 2060, running at 100fps with multiple physics objects and explosions.

Whether you’re crafting an expansive game or a visually stunning film, Alien Planet Environment Mega Pack Vol.1 provides you with the assets and tools to bring your creative visions to life.

Tutorials & Documentation:

Foliage Physics Documentation

Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, Automatically generated & Per-Poly

Vertex Counts:

under 100k = 5 100 to 1k = 18 1k to 5k = 40 5k to 10k = 22 10k to 15k = 17 15k to 20k = 6 28k to 58k = 8 97k = 1


Yes, Automatically Generated, excluding grass (manually created)

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

4096 = 88 2048 = 81 1024 = 75 512 = 42 256 = 6 128 = 6 32 = 3 5 = 2 82 = 1


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Alien Fantasy Environment Mega Pack Vol.1

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