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(Note: This Video is not representative of the environment, only the physics system)

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Step into a new dimension of dynamic environments with our latest offering — an expansive alien world environment, complete with a rich foliage physics system.
This asset is more than just a tool; it’s an entire world at your fingertips, ready to elevate your project at no cost.

Discover an Alien World: Immerse yourself in an alien island environment, where snowcapped mountains meet diverse plant life, including unique species from other paid environments. Explore this vast landscape, featuring photorealistic sky materials that harmonize with your sky fog, and two majestic snowcapped mountain meshes.

Dynamic Foliage System: At the heart of this world lies our enhanced foliage system.
Watch as foliage instances dynamically transform with player interactions, supported by UE5 World Partitions and Streamed Levels.
This system is not just about physics; it’s about creating a living, breathing world.

Rich Asset Collection: Populate your alien world with a variety of assets, including 7 Rocks, two shrubs, and a tree from Polyhaven, all under CC0 licensing. Each rock boasts an automatic snowfall material, ensuring a realistic, snow-topped appearance regardless of rotation. Moreover, we have included two additional plants from our paid environment collection, for only $1!

Blueprint-Driven Integration: Seamlessly integrate lifelike behavior into your foliage with our user-friendly blueprint system.
This update operates within the blueprint realm, simplifying the creation process and eliminating the need for plugins or extensive coding.

Easy Implementation & Comprehensive Guidance: Dive into creating your world with our step-by-step instruction manual.
Whether you’re adapting the environment to your narrative or integrating unique player and foliage meshes, our guide makes it straightforward.

Performance Assured: Even with the extensive features of our alien world, performance remains a priority.
Rigorously tested on an RTX 2060, our system achieves 100fps performance, ensuring your experience is as smooth as it is captivating.

Important Note: This asset utilizes Skeletal Meshes and Physics assets, not Vertex Animation. For Static Meshes without Skeletal Meshes and Physics assets, you may need to create Skeletal Meshes using 3rd Party Software for seamless compatibility.

Transform your project with our Alien world environment, where the power of a fully dynamic and immersive world is at your disposal.
Download now and unleash the potential of your creativity!”


A Demonstration 3rd person player blueprint set up to interact with foliage 2 Demonstration physics shapes A Demonstration projectile blueprint A Demonstration explosion blueprint 4 Demonstration Plants 1 Demonstration Baloon 4 Foliage Rustle sound effects 7 Grass footstep sound effects 9 Balloon sound effect 3 Grass landscape textures (Diffuse, Roughness, Normal at 1024×1024 resolution)

Number of Blueprints:



Keyboard, standard 3rd person demo controls.

Network Replicated:


Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac

Important/Additional Notes:

This asset has not been tested for multiplayer.


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Alien Physics World


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