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Embark on a journey to a captivating 3D alien realm. Explore vivid flora, phosphorescent fauna, and mystical landscapes, all meticulously crafted for your creative projects.
Unleash your imagination and bring this enchanting extraterrestrial world to life in your designs!
This Alien Jungle comes with TWO LEVELS!
A Wet Jungle level and a Dry Grassland level!
It is game-ready, with interactive physics foliage, grass that lights up with your footsteps, particle effects and more!
This package includes 17 Plant meshes, involving 5 Tree Species and 5 Ground Species.
A massive 36 rock meshes are included (18 for each level type). The grass is affected by distance field lighting, which makes the glow waves emanate from any rocks or plants situated on it.

Physics Plant Blueprint

The Physics Plant Spawner Blueprint is to be placed within your player pawn blueprint, and will automatically detect any of the interactive Alien plants that have been painted with Unreal’s foliage tool. When an Alien ground plant is detected within the radius of this blueprint, it will automatically switch it with a Plant Physics blueprint which the player can interact with. When the player stops touching and moves too far away from the plant, it will switch back to being an instanced foliage actor, preserving your game’s performance!

Footstep Sound Effects

This pack comes with loads of footstep sound effects, which are hooked up to the Mannequin Animation Blueprint.
The Mannequin Blueprint detects the Phyical Material under the player and will play the appropriate footstep sound effect accordingly.
There are 29 Footstep sounds, which include the following themes:

  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Mud
  • Water Shallow
  • Water Deep

Ambient Sound Effects

The Baloon Mushroom Plants play ‘boing’ sounds when the player interacts with them (9 sound effects).
The Jungle Fern plas a foliage russling sound effect when the player interacts with the, (4 sound effects)
The Wet Jungle Level (named Demonstration) comes with an ambient rain sound, and 5 ambient animal call sound effects, which can be played between a random interval using the BP_AnimalCall Blueprint.
The Dry Grasslands Level (named Demonstration_B) comes with an ambient grassy wind sound effect.

Texture Resolution & Performance

All Textures have been provided at a minimum of 4096×4096 resolution, just in case you require this environment for film.
However, the texture resolution settings come pre-modified so that they are set to the lowest reasonable setting while providing a high level of detail. Most of them are set to 2048 or lower. Materials come with an added layer of Tiled Detail to provide the illusion of extremely-high resolution textures, while providing high performance. The Demo and Video preview have this setting applied so that you can gague the framerates you can achieve with this environment.

Video Tutorial: Migrating Foliage Interaction

Plant Species

Pinapple Tree – 2 Variations Coral Tree – 3 Variations Rose Tree – 2 Variations Fungal Tree – 2 Variations Vine Tree Flower Fern Balloon Mushroom Jungle Fern Glowing Grass


Physics Plant Spawner Blueprint (Replaces Foliage with Physics asset when nearby player) Davis3D Wind Controller Blueprint (Affects all plant materials) Grass Capture (For glowing Footsteps Effect) 4 Interactive Plant blueprints Mannequin Demonstation Player Blueprint


Ambient Light Rain Sound Ambient Windy Grass Sound 6 Wet Footstep Sounds 6 Dirt Footstep Sounds 7 Grass Footstep Sounds 5 Shallow Water Footstep Sounds 5 Deep Water Footstep Sounds 5 Animal Call Sounds 9 Baloon Plant Interactivity Sounds


Glowmote Water Steam Rain

Sky Features

4 Cloud Meshes with Atlased textures 1 Cloud Semi-Sphere Mesh, Material and 8192×2048 Texture A Flickering Stars Material Planet Ring Realistic Planet Material


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Alien Planet Fantasy Environment – Jungle Plants


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