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Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Alien Bioluminescent Swamp –  a captivating biome, brimming with unique glowing plants.
This game-ready environment features interactive physics foliage. As you walk, the grass lights up and amazing particle effects make it even more immersive!

Key Features:

Alien Physics World Pro Version – Included FOR FREE!

This asset pack includes the Pro Version of the Alien Physics World – complete with foliage physics for all of the plants included in the environment!
This bonus is packed a whole range of goodies, including:

  • Foliage Physics System with Pro Interactive Plant Effects
  • Dynamic Wind System
  • Bioluminescent Grass Trails
  • Auto-Material Variation
  • Rain and Lightning Blueprints
  • Fluid Simulated Water
  • Auto-Footstep Sound Effects based on Ground Type
  • Comprehensive Tutorials

Procedural Fungi Rock Blueprint:

Explore the unique Fungi Rock Blueprint, which strategically places various fungi meshes on rock surfaces.
This blueprint automatically adjusts the orientation of each fungus to align with the world’s level, regardless of the rock’s rotation, and randomizes each mesh for a natural look.

A wide assortment of Meshes:

Populate your levels with an abundance of meshes, each fitted with bioluminescent interactive foliage blueprints:

  • 4 Fungi Meshes
  • 4 Trees
  • 3 Ferns
  • 3 Rocks
  • 3 Roots
  • 2 Shrubs
  • 1 Grass Mesh

Interactive Ambient Sound Effects:

  • Solid Plants: Interactions produce playful ‘boing’ sounds (9 effects).
  • Ferns: Touching them triggers a foliage rustling sound (4 effects).
  • Ambient Sounds: An encompassing grassy wind sound effect adds to the ambiance.

This Alien Swamp landscape is more than just a visual treat; it’s an interactive, auditory adventure, perfect for games that require a mystical and engaging environment.
Step into a world where every interaction brings the alien landscape to life!

Static Meshes

4 Fungi Meshes 3 Ferns 1 Grass Mesh 3 Rocks 3 Roots (2 Types) 2 Shrubs 4 Trees (2 Types)


Physics Plant Spawner Blueprint Davis3D Wind Controller Blueprint Glowing Grass Capture Blueprint 8 Interactive Plant blueprints Fungi Rock Blueprint


Ambient Windy Grass Sound 6 Wet Footstep Sounds 6 Dirt Footstep Sounds 7 Grass Footstep Sounds 5 Shallow Water Footstep Sounds 5 Deep Water Footstep Sounds 9 Baloon Plant Interactivity Sounds


Change the color scheme of the entire ecosystem with one Material Parameter Collection variable Glowing dust mote particle Flickering star material and star-sphere static mesh Realistic Planet material World Space glow wave effect for plants and grass High-detailed normal map tiling on all surfaces Smooth flying spectator blueprint


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Alien Bioluminescent Swamp

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