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Introducing the Fish School System, your solution for effortlessly animating large schools of fish.
This system leverages instanced vertex animated meshes that gracefully navigate along procedurally generated splines, bringing a dynamic aquatic life to your scenes with minimal effort.

Effortless Animation and Customization:

  • Dynamic Movement: Enable the ‘Dynamic Speed’ feature to have fish alternate between slow and fast speeds, incorporating timers with random variables for natural variability.
  • Controlled Schooling: Adjust the number of fish, scale, size variation, and starting positions along the spline. Manage the distance between each fish instance for perfect formation.
  • Spline Edit Mode: Easily manage large groups of fish by hiding additional splines with a simple checkbox, streamlining the editing process when dealing with hundreds of instances.

Flexible Mesh and Material Options:

  • Mesh Replacement: Swap out fish meshes effortlessly to suit your project’s needs.
  • Material Customization: Automatically use the mesh’s default materials, or opt for custom selections with the ‘Custom Materials’ checkbox.
  • Unique Identifiers: Distinguish each school with adjustable Desaturation, Hue Shift, and Random Hue Shift settings in each blueprint instance.

Supported Assets:

This system is compatible with a variety of fish packages, each meticulously designed for seamless integration, ensuring a smooth and effortless setup process:

Ideal for game developers, VR experiences, and simulations, the Fish Spline System is a powerful tool for adding lively, realistic aquatic animations to your projects. It offers a blend of ease and flexibility, allowing for creative freedom while ensuring efficiency and high-quality results.

Important Notes:

  • This Version is depricated! It operates using Splines, while the newer version uses Particle A.I.
    It can still be useful for certain purposes, but if you would like to view the newest version, please CLICK HERE to view the Fish School System V2.
  • Skeletal meshes aren’t supported, but your animations can easily be converted to vertex animations using 3DS Max (See video description for tutorial).
Fish Model

Static Mesh (779 Triangles) with 3 LODs. (No Lightmap UV's due to Vertex Animation UV's) 5 Textures 6 Vertex Animation Textures 2 Materials (Body and Fins) 6 Material Instances


Customizable Mesh Automatically grab Default Materials from mesh Pick custom materials Adjustable Hue Shift, Desaturation and Random Hue Shift of Blueprint materials Set the amount of instances Set the Scale and Scale variation of instances Set the starting position of the school Set the distance between each instance Set the random offset of each generated spline's individual points Set the random offset of each generated spline's world position Toggle visibility of generated splines Toggle Dynamic Speed Adjustable acceleration and deceleration Adjustable Fast / Slow movement speeds Adjustable Fast / Slow movement swim lengths (in seconds) Customizable Vertex animation intensity and speed


Caustic Light Function Material Caustic Light Texture (2048×2048) "Swimming Spectator" Pawn Blueprint Demonstration Level

Number of Blueprints:


Number of Textures:



Keyboard, Mouse

Supported Development Platforms:


Supported Target Build Platforms:

Windows SteamVR Oculus PS4 XBox One Gear VR


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Fish School System V1


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