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Discover the vibrant and diverse world beneath the waves with our PolyStyle Fish Package, a collection that brings an array of colorful, low-poly fish to life in your aquatic-themed projects
This package is set up to seamlessly integrate with  Fish School System V2 and Fish School System V1.

These fish can also be used without these packages as standalone Skeletal Meshes.
The package includes 15 Fish species, which utilize gradients and material ID’s instead of textures to increase performance on low-end devices.
The triangle of all fish are below 1000 triangles each (aside from the LionFish, which has 1700 triangles).

Fish species include:

  • Angel Fish
  • Moorish Idol
  • Blue Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • Clown Fish
  • Lion Fish
  • Parrot Fish
  • Puffer Fish
  • Clown Trigger Fish
  • Batfish
  • Barracuda
  • Grouper
  • Great Trevally
  • Sail Fish
  • Tuna

Each fish includes a Vertex Animated Static Mesh, a Skeletal Mesh, and Physics Asset set up for ragdoll effects. All fish use the same Skeleton, simplifying the animation process.
This package also includes underwater caustic lighting, volumetric fog, and depth of field post-processing effects, which can be seen in the video.

Please note: The Vertex Animation Material Function is set to work with the School System V2 by default. To set it to work with the School System V1, open the “MF_LowPoly_VertexAnimation” Material Function, and uncheck the Static Switch parameter labeled “FishSchoolSystemV2“.


15 Static Meshes 15 Vertex Animated Static Meshes 15 Skeletal Meshes 15 Physics Assets Caustic Lighting ‘Light Function Material’ Vertex Animation Material function – compatible with ‘Fish School Systems 1 and 2’

Additional Notes:
All Animal Animations:
Ambient Environment Sound Effects
Animation types:
Beluga Whale:
Beluga whale, Dolphin and Great White also include:
Blue Whale:
Both the Stingray and Manta Ray include:
Character Texture Resolutions:
Characters Texture Resolutions:
Davis3D Wind Blueprint
Decal Texture Resolutions:
Documentation Included:
Dolphin Animations:
Engine Compatibility:
Environment Texture Resolutions
Fish Model
Grass LODs:
Great White Shark:
If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included:
Important/Additional Notes:
Intended Platform:
Levels of Detail:
Materials and Material Instances:
Network Replicated:
Number of Blueprints:
Number of Character Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Character Textures:
Number of Demo Environment Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Demo Environment Textures:
Number of Environment Textures
Number of Material Instances
Number of Materials:
Number of Meshes:
Number of Posed Animations
Number of Skeletal Meshes:
Number of Static Meshes:
Number of Textures:
Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Unique Meshes:
Orca Animations:
Other Features:
Other LODs:
Other Texture Resolutions:
Physically-Based Rendering
Physics Assets:
Plant Species
Plant Species meshes
Primary Textures:
Props scaled to Epic skeleton:
Rigged to Epic skeleton:
Rock Meshes
Skeletal Meshes:
Sky Features
Sperm Whale & Shark:
Spline Animation Blueprint controls:
Static Meshes
Stingray, Manta Ray & Cuttlefish Animations:
Supported Platforms:
Supported Target Build Platforms:
Texture Size:
Texture Sizes:
Tree LODs:
Turret Blueprint Features:
Vertex Animation Textures:
Vertex Animations:
Vertex count:
Vertex Counts:
Vertex Counts (for highest LODs)
Vertex count of Character:
Vertex counts of Manta Ray:
Vertex counts of Stingray:
Whales, Sharks and Dolphins also includes:
Technical Features:


Scaled to Epic skeleton:

Yes, for Vertex Animated Static Meshes. No, for skeletal meshes (since all fish use the same skeleton)



Number of Animations:


Animation type:


Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of characters:


Vertex counts of characters:

All fish excluding Lionfish = 920-1996 LionFish = 4300

Texture Resolutions:

512×512 = 2 (Caustic Lighting Textures) Vertex Animated Textures: 15 (Maximum is 868×52)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Poly Style Fish for School System


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