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Discover the deep-sea enigma with our Giant Squid asset, a pinnacle of animation and realism.
This asset brings an eerie sense of deep-sea mystery to your project, with its advanced procedural spline animation system.
It’s designed to capture the essence of the ocean’s most mysterious inhabitant through dynamic and lifelike movements.

Key Features:

  1. Lifelike Spline Animation Blueprint:Central to the Giant Squid’s realism is its advanced Spline Animation Blueprint. This feature is the heart of its lifelike movements, offering precise control over dynamic acceleration, intricate turning, and fluid bending. Ideal for crafting immersive underwater scenes, this blueprint enriches the visual experience and allows creators to choreograph complex movements, adding a layer of authenticity to aquatic environments.
  2. Tentacle and Eye Animations: Each tentacle and eye is animated with painstaking detail, providing a terrifyingly realistic deep-sea experience, perfect for immersive VR environments.
  3. Versatile Animation Set: The asset includes a swimming animation, fins flapping animation, and directional poses (Left, Right, Up, and Down). These are expertly blended in a Blendspace, enabling efficient and fluid animation of the squid as it bends and turns along your designated splines.
  4. Optimized for Customization and Performance: With three levels of detail (LODs) and a suite of adjustable blueprint settings, the asset is tailored for maximum customization and optimal performance in various environments.
  5. Interactive Demo Scene: Explore the capabilities of the Giant Squid in the included demo scene, complete with underwater post-process settings, caustic lighting, deep-sea fog, and depth of field.
    Multiple Giant Squids demonstrate the potential of the Spline Blueprint.
  6. Realistic Physics Asset: The squid is equipped with a well-designed physics asset, ideal for game scenarios such as floating lifelessly in water upon defeat, adding a layer of interaction and realism.

Additional Technical Features:

  • Ragdoll Physics Asset: Enhances the realism with lifelike ragdoll effects.
  • Giant Squid Spline Blueprint: Allows for precise control over the squid’s movements.
  • Caustic Lighting Material: Adds a visual depth and ambiance to underwater scenes.
  • Material Options: Includes one parent material and one material instance, plus a world-space sand material for environmental integration.

Whether you’re creating a game, an educational module, or an immersive VR experience, the Giant Squid asset is an exceptional choice for adding a touch of the mysterious deep sea to your project.

Spline System Tutorial


A realistic Physics Asset for ragdoll effects A Giant Squid Spline Blueprint Caustic Lighting Material A BlendSpace combined with 5 Animations 1 Parent Material and 1 Material Instance 1 World-Space Sand Material 1 Demo environment



Rigged to Epic skeleton:




Number of Animations:


Animation type:


Number of characters:


Vertex counts of characters:

LOD0 = 11,500 LOD1= 5200 LOD2= 1700

Number of Textures:


Characters Texture Resolutions:

Diffuse: 4096×4096 Normal Map: 4096×4096 Scratches Normal Map = 2048×2048 Detail Norm = 512×512 Eye Mask: 256×256

Other Texture Resolutions:

1024×1024 = 2 512×512 = 2

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Giant Squid

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