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Take your aquatic environments to new depths with our Humpback Whale, enhanced by a procedural spline animation system for fluid and dynamic movements.
The whale interacts in a lifelike manner, opening its mouth near the player and even singing optional ‘whale songs’ for immersive engagement.

This package is a one-stop solution, featuring 2 swimming animations and 3 distinct poses, all unified in a Blendspace for natural motion. With 4 Levels of Detail and dual texture types, you have the flexibility to optimize for both performance and visual fidelity. The pre-configured Material parent grants you granular control, allowing you to fine-tune details such as scratches, dirt, and roughness channels.

To help you hit the ground running, we’ve included a demo scene complete with underwater PostProcess settings, caustic lighting, fog, and depth of field. This scene showcases multiple whales navigating pre-set paths, illustrating the power and flexibility of our Spline Blueprint system.

Rounding off this comprehensive package, we’ve added a posed static mesh of the whale suitable for museum displays. It comes with a uniquely plastic-like Material to mimic a museum exhibit, and an alternative rusted, mossy texture for those looking to create an atmosphere of abandonment.

In short, this asset provides a complete toolkit for bringing the majesty of the Humpback Whale into your Unreal Engine projects.


Spline System Tutorial


'- Idle – Swim – Pose Left – Pose Right – Pose Mouth Open

Spline Animation Blueprint controls:

'- Starting Distance along spline – Toggle dynamic speed or maintain a constant speed. – Toggle whether mouth opens near player – Mesh Scale – Show Spline – Animation Playrates for slow and fast – Animation Acceleration & Deceleration – Distance for mouth to start openin – Timing for how long to swim slow and fast – Randomness multiplier of timing – Movement speed acceleration & deceleration – Movement speeds for slow and fast – Intensity of rolling around corners – Non-Dynamic speed, playrate & intensity – Roll, rotation & movement smoothing values – 1 Skeletal mesh – A realistic Physics Asset for ragdoll effects (includes throat bone for flubber movement) – A BlendSpace combined with 4 animations – 2 Texture types (Adult and Baby) – 1 Parent Material and 4 Material Instances (2 wet & 2 dry)

Scaled to Epic skeleton:




Rigged to Epic skeleton:




Number of characters:


Number of Animations:


Animation types:


Vertex counts of characters:

LOD0=12448 LOD1=8798 LOD2=3071 LOD3=1133

Texture Resolutions:

3x 4096×2048 1x 2048×2048 4x 1024×1024 1x 256×128

Supported Platforms:

Desktop PC / Mac / Xbox 1/ PS4 / HTC Vive / Oculus Rift


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Humpback Whale

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