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Step into the realm of legend with our Ancient Fantasy Cave Environment, a meticulously crafted asset pack designed to transport players into a world of mystical wonder.
This package, rich in detail and atmosphere, is perfect for bringing depth and intrigue to your project.

Highlights of the Environment:

  • 38 Detailed Static Meshes: Including 12 Stalagmite Meshes, 12 Ground/Ceiling Meshes, 6 Wall Meshes, 4 Candle Meshes, and decorative elements like a Statue, Bowl, Gold Coin, and Petals.
  • Mesmerizing Water Effects: Features a Distance Field Glowing Water material, adding a touch of magic to your cave settings.
  • Atmospheric Effects: Enrich your scenes with volumetric particle fog, drifting dust motes, and ambient sound effects for an immersive experience.
  • Optimized Lighting: Manually lightmapped for efficient light baking, ensuring a balance between beauty and performance.
  • Dynamic Candle Lighting: Blueprint-based candles with Stationary and Static lighting options create stunning, realistic reflections.

Texture and Optimization:

  • High-Resolution Rock Textures: All rock surfaces boast 4096×4096 resolution textures, requiring only Diffuse and Normal maps for a photorealistic look.
  • Adjustable Texture Resolution: Since all rocks use the same resolution, feel free to bulk-edit all the textures at the same time, editing the ‘maximum texture resolution’ to fit your hardware needs. This allows for swift and easy performance optimization without sacrificing your time!

Interactive Demo:
To fully appreciate the scope and detail of this environment, we encourage you to download our packaged demo. It offers a comprehensive preview of the package’s contents, allowing you to experience firsthand the magic and allure of this Ancient Fantasy Cave.

Whether for gaming, VR experiences, or cinematic storytelling, this environment pack is an essential tool for developers and artists looking to infuse their projects with a sense of ancient mystery and enchantment.


1 Material Parent for all Cave Rock Instances, with a Material Collection Parameter to adjust global values 4 Candle Blueprints for Stationary Lighting 4 Candle Blueprints for Static Lighting 12 Stalagmite Meshes 6 Wall Meshes 12 Ground / Ceiling meshes 4 Candle Meshes 1 Bowl Mesh 1 Gold Coin Mesh 1 Statue Mesh 1 Petals Mesh

Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, Automatically Generated


Yes, Automatically Generated

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

4096 = 62 2048 = 1 1024 = 5 512 = 3

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows and Mac


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Ancient Modular Fantasy Cave

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