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Embark on a creative journey with our Low-Poly Ocean Pack, the ideal toolkit for crafting stylized, low-end gaming experiences.
This pack is a treasure-trove of carefully designed assets, perfect for infusing your underwater scenes with a sense of wonder and realism.

Pack Highlights:

Rich Variety of Assets: Explore a diverse collection of 21 uniquely shaped rocks and 20 lush aquatic plants. Add intrigue to your seabed with an assortment of whale bones, clams, and a mysterious treasure chest, evoking tales of sunken treasures and ancient mysteries.

Immersive Underwater Effects: Dive into an underwater world enhanced with realistic effects. Caustic sunlight filters through the water, creating dynamic god-rays, while bubbles and dust motes float around. Plants sway softly, mimicking the serene movement of the ocean.

Optimized for Interactive Experiences: This package is fully equipped to support forward shading, making it a perfect fit for VR and mobile game development. (Please enable forward shading in your project settings to utilize this feature.)

Unlimited Customization: Each mesh comes with gradient-based UVs, allowing for extensive color customization. Utilize the included materials to tailor the appearance of each rock, plant, and environmental asset to your specific aesthetic vision.

If you’d like to populate this environment with an abundance of creatures, and expand it, please consider purchasing the Poly Style Ocean Mega Pack!


1 Dust Mote particle, with a blueprint that pins the dust motes to the camera God Ray Mesh and Material 3 Massive Cliff Rocks 2 Arch Rocks 2 Massive Pillar Rocks 5 Small Rocks 9 Medium & Large Rocks 4 Whale Bone Meshes 1 Treasure Chest Mesh 2 Clam Meshes 3 Sea Sponges (with 2 material types) 3 Sea Weed Meshes 2 Coral Meshes (with 2 material types) 2 Kelp Meshes 4 Other Plant Meshes

Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Counts:

Kelp = 27,000 Coral = 11,000 Other Plants = 3000-1000 Sponges = 1000 Cliffs = 7000-3000 Other Rocks = 2000-100 Chest = 4000 Whale Bones = 1500



Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

3 x 2048 6 x 1024 4 x 512 1 x 128

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Poly Style Ocean Pack

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