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This MEGA pack combines 6 Low Poly Ocean packages, all for 35% Discount!

The following packages are included:

  • Poly Style Low Poly Ocean Pack
  • Poly Style Low Poly Ocean Pack 2 – Ancient Temple Ruins
  • Low Poly Ocean Animals Vol.1
  • Low Poly Ocean Animals Vol.2
  • Low Poly Ocean Animals Vol.3
  • Poly Style Low Poly Fish for School System

This package combines all these assets into a single level, creating a bridge between the two environments and filling it with creatures.

All the Meshes here utilize gradients and material ID’s instead of textures to increase performance on low-end devices, as this Mega Pack supports mobile.

All creatures include a spline animation blueprint, which dynamically bends and rolls the creature along the spline, while alternating speed.

The creatures also include optional Vertex Animations (not compatible with mobile) to reduce performance impact.

Most creatures include the following animations:

  • Idle
  • Swim
  • Pose Turn Left
  • Pose Turn Right
  • Pose Mouth Open

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is recommended that if you wish to make use of the fish included in this package, please also purchase the Fish School System V2 package.

The school system was not included in this Mega Pack as it only supports engine version 4.25 and above, so I have instead made it optional as to not increase the price.


15 Ocean Animal Skeletal Meshes 15 Fish Skeletal Meshes Vertex Animated Static Meshes for all creatures Dynamic Spline Animation Blueprints for all creatures 36 Rock Meshes 38 Modular Temple Meshes 34 Foliage Meshes 4 Whale Bone Meshes 2 Clam Meshes 1 Star Fish Mesh 1 God Ray Mesh 1 Jellyfish Mesh 1 Blubbles Particle 1 Dust Mote Particle Caustic Lighting Mobile Support Landscape Material with 2 Layers

Number of Unique Meshes:


Number of Skeletal Meshes:




Rigged to Epic skeleton:


Number of Animations:



Yes, automatically generated



Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Vertex Counts:

WhaleShark: 11,400 All other Ocean Animals: 1040-6200 Lionfish: 4300 All other Fish: 920-1996 Jellyfish = 200 Temple Archway = 23,000 Temple Brick Stack = 13000 All other Temple Meshes = 1000-10000 Kelp = 13,000-27000 All other Plant Meshes = 300-2000 Cliffs = 3000-5000 Medium Rocks = 2000 Small Rocks = 400 Tiny Rocks = 150

Texture Resolutions:

2048 = 3 1024 = 12 512 = 4 256 = 1 128 = 1 64 = 1 Various Vertex Animation texture resolutions: 31

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows and Mac


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Poly Style Ocean Mega Pack


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