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The Ocean Environment Pack 2 brings the beauty and mystery of the ocean to life!
This pack contains a stunning coral reef with an old wooden shipwreck, a deep sea segment with glowing bioluminescent coral and weeds, and a magnificent sunfish, all designed to create a truly immersive underwater experience.
This Pack contains 24 Coral meshes, 6 rocks, a huge Shipwreck and many more features!
The Demonstration includes a deep sea lighting setup, with Volumetric Fog, Caustic Lighting that fades with depth, an unlit water surface shader, and a wind system that affects both Dust Motes and foliage.
To top it all off, it also includes the Ocean Sunfish Pack!
For a breakdown of the included meshes, please see the following:

Coral Meshes:

  • 7 Coral Brain meshes
  • 3 Coral Weed Meshes
  • 2 Coral Sponge Meshes
  • 2 Sea Fan Meshes
  • 6 Traditional Coral Meshes
  • 2 Sun Coral Meshes (one alive, one dead)
  • 2 Sea Anemone Meshes (one singular, one group)
  • 2 high-detail Coral Sea Floor Meshes
  • 1 Coral Disk

Other Meshes:

  • 22 Shipwreck Wood Meshes which combine to form the entire ship
  • 6 Rock Meshes
  • 2 Sea Floor Meshes
  • 4 Kelp Meshes at differing growth heights
  • 2 Clam meshes (One clam, top and bottom)
  • 1 Large high-detailed Rock
  • 1 Crab Mesh
  • 1 Rusty Sword Mesh

Note: To change the Deep Sea depth effects (Glow and Wind), open MPC_DeepSeaLighting and change the shallow and deep height values.


Ocean Sunfish Pack included 24 Coral Static Meshes 6 Rock Meshes 22 Shipwreck Meshes which are combined in the Shipwreck Mesh Blueprint 1 Bubbles Particle Dust Mote Particle that follows Camera with Blueprint Maximum Texture Resolutions Manually set for best performance 2 Ocean Ambience Sounds 1 God Ray Mesh and Material Caustic Lighting Material Davis3D Wind System

Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, automatically generated, and per-poly for large meshes

Vertex Counts:

32 Meshes under 20k 20 Meshes between 20k and 40k 10 Meshes between 40k and 60k 3 Meshes between 60 and 70k


Yes, 4 to 5

Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

4096 = 59 2048 = 24 1024 = 13 512 = 5 128 = 2

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Ocean Environment Pack 2 – Coral Reef

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