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Explore the graceful world of the Ocean Sunfish with our meticulously designed pack, featuring a state-of-the-art procedural spline animation system.
This system ensures that each Sunfish moves with dynamic acceleration, fluid turning, and realistic rolling along custom spline paths, bringing a touch of marine elegance to your projects.

Key Features:

  • Spline Animation System: Produces lifelike movements, perfect for creating immersive underwater scenes.
  • Diverse Animation Set: Includes 2 swimming animations, a unique ‘gill breathing & eye movement’ animation, and left/right turning poses for directional movement.
  • High-Quality Textures and Materials: Offers 3 Texture Variations, 3 Normal Map Variations, 6 Dry Material Instances, and 6 Wet Material Instances.
  • Customizable Blueprints: Equipped with a wide range of adjustable settings for tailoring spline animations to your specific needs.
Included Animations:
  • Swim
  • Gill, Flipper & Eye Movement
  • Pose Left
  • Pose Right
Spline Blueprint Controls:
  • Customize starting distance along the spline, toggle between dynamic and constant speed, and adjust the Sunfish scale.
  • Visibility toggle for spline path.
  • Set different animation play rates for both slow and fast swimming.
Advanced Material Customization:

Pre-configured Material Parent for in-depth material instance adjustments, giving you complete control over the appearance of your Sunfish.

Demo Scene:

Includes a demo scene with underwater post-process settings, caustic lighting, fog, and depth of field, showcasing various Sunfish animations and demonstrating the pack’s potential.

The Ocean Sunfish Pack is an essential asset for game developers, VR creators, and educational content producers looking to add a realistic and engaging marine life component to their environments.
With its combination of high-quality animations, textures, and customizable settings, this pack provides everything you need to bring the serene beauty of the Sunfish to life.

Spline System Tutorial


'- Swim – Gill, Flipper & Eye animation – Pose Left – Pose Right

Spline Animation Blueprint controls:

'- Starting Distance along spline – Toggle dynamic speed or maintain a constant speed. – Sunfish Scale – Show Spline – Animation Playrates for slow and fast – 1 Skeletal mesh – A realistic Physics Asset for ragdoll effects – 2 BlendSpaces (Swim Speed & Turning) – 1 Parent Material and 12 Material Instances (6 wet & 6 dry) – Animation Acceleration & Deceleration – Distance for mouth to start opening – Timing for how long to swim slow and fast – Randomness multiplier of timing – Movement speed acceleration & deceleration – Movement speeds for slow and fast – Intensity of rolling around corners – Non-Dynamic speed, playrate & intensity – Roll, rotation & movement smoothing values

Scaled to Epic skeleton:




Rigged to Epic skeleton:




Number of characters:


Number of Animations:


Animation types:


Vertex counts of characters:

LOD0=4684 LOD1=2064 LOD2=1030 LOD3=228

Texture Resolutions:

6x 2048×2048 1x 1024×1024 1x 1024×512 1x 512×512

Supported Platforms:

Windows 32bit & 64bit Mac Xbox 1 PS4 HTC Vive Oculus Rift

Documentation Included:

Yes, in Blueprints


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Ocean Sunfish Pack

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