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Unleash the terror in your gaming world with our new Zombie Mutant character, now empowered with advanced A.I capabilities for a heightened gaming experience.
This character is not just a model but a blend of artistic craftsmanship and technological innovation.
It features photorealistic textures and comes in four distinct themes – Plain, Horror, Lava, and Ice – each skillfully designed to adapt to a variety of gaming scenarios.

High-Quality Design:

  • Detailed Visuals: With a poly count of 28,000 triangles and stunning 4k resolution textures, this character strikes the perfect balance between high visual fidelity and performance efficiency.
  • Dynamic Animation Suite: Including two attack animations, two idle animations, two walk animations, and two run animations, all expertly integrated into one blendspace.
    This ensures each zombie exhibits a unique range of movements, enhancing the gaming experience.

Optimization and Performance:

  • LOD Integration: Four levels of detail (LODs) are included, optimizing the character for different gaming environments without sacrificing quality.

Advanced A.I Capabilities:

  • Realistic AI Perception: Equipped with AI perception sensing, the zombie can actively search for players using sight and sound, injecting a sense of unpredictability and realism into gameplay.
  • Varied Behavioral Patterns: The character showcases diverse behaviors, including roaming, chasing, and reacting to death, which diversifies player interactions and challenges.
  • Interactive Combat Dynamics: It is capable of attacking while in pursuit and can lose track of the player if out of sight for a specified duration, adding strategic depth to gameplay.

Ideal for prototyping or full-scale development, this Zombie Mutant character is a must-have for your next project, especially if you’re seeking to create an engaging, challenging, and visually stunning gaming experience.

Number of Environment Textures


Environment Texture Resolutions

4096 x 4096 = 9 4096 x 1024 = 3 1024 x 512 = 1


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Zombie Ghoul


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