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Crafted for seamless integration into your gaming projects, our Sci-Fi Turret Pack features a fully automated, game-ready turret, brimming with a wide array of customizable options and materials.
Designed with static meshes for enhanced versatility, it enables easy replacement or modification of parts to fit your unique design needs.
To delve into the comprehensive details of this pack, we invite you to download the demo and explore the accompanying guide for a thorough breakdown of its features and capabilities.


Predictive Targeting
The turret comes with predictive targeting, which is based on the enemys velocity and the bullet speed. This predictive targeting adapts to any changes you make to the Turret’s bullet speed variable.

Enemy Prioritisation
The Sensing A.I prioritises enemies based on closest distance, but also has a minimum lock-on timeframe to prevent it from switching too quickly between enemies before a decent amount of damage has been dealt to the target.
This minimum lock-on timeframe is customisable. A lower timeframe is recommended when fighting melee based enemies to ensure that the turret protects itself.

Enemy Tag Detection
The Turret will target any pawns that contain the custom tag you provide the turret. The default tag is set to “Enemy”, but you can change this easily in the details panel of the turret.

The Turret has an optional idle animation, where it scans left and right when no enemies are in view. This can be enabled or disabled. You can also adjust the Tracking Speed of the turret (how fast it can look left or right).
The blueprint has been designed so that the tracking speed is at its maximum (the variable you set it to), when it has detected an enemy. After no enemies are detected, the tracking speed slows down to provide a natural looking animation.

Sensing Range
The Turret has a modifiable variable that enables you to adjust the degrees of vision that each turret has (Called: PawnVisionDegrees)

The turret is designed to be shot and killed. The example level allows you to do this by left-clicking to shoot.
When the turret’s health reaches 50, it starts sparking. When it reaches 30, it sparks more with smoke, and when the health reaches 0, the turret explodes. A destructible mesh has been included along with a “Turret_A_Destroyed” Blueprint.
When destroyed, the turret keeps the Material but removes the baked glow lighting.

This turret contains four 4096×4096 textures (Diffuse, Normal, Paint Mask, Metal-Roughness-AO), and one 2048×2048 glow texture. I have baked glow lighting into the material for added realism, and have made sure that the Material Parent for the turret comes with a range of easily customisable Instance variables to suit your team or game style. Four example materials have been provided. Each turret can have its own individual material applied in the details panel of the blueprint.



The Turret Blueprint comes with a Minigun that winds up and slows down based on whether there are targets in view.
The bullets fired produce sparks that riochet at the correct angle after hitting a surface.

This minigun comes with a range of customizable variables, including:

  • Bullet Color
  • Bullet Speed
  • Bullet Physics Force
  • Bullet Damage
  • Muzzle Flash scale
  • Minigun Enabled

Missile Launcher
The Turret also comes with a Missile Launcher Attachment, which fires homing missiles. A placeholder explosion blueprint has been included which can easily be modified to include your own custom effects.

The Missile projectile is customisable with the following variables:

  • Missile Launcher Enabled
  • Barrel Visible (hides or shows the minigun barrel)
  • Missile Homing Intensity
  • Missile Damage
  • Missile Fire Delay
  • Missile Reload Delay
  • Missiles Aim at floor (Scans the surface below the enemy target, and shoots the missile there to guarantee a hit)

In summary, our Sci-Fi Turret Pack is a comprehensive, customizable, and cutting-edge addition to your gaming arsenal.
For an immersive experience and to discover the full potential of this pack, download today and elevate your game to the next level!

Turret Blueprint Features:

Predictive Targeting Distance Based Prioritization Minimum Lock-on timeframe Customizable sound effects Animation Speed Adjustments Color and Material Adjustments Projectile Speed, Physics and Damage Adjustments Can be placed on physics animated platforms Optional Missile Launcher

Other Features:

Explosion Placeholder Blueprint Minigun Projectile Blueprint Homing Missile Blueprint Turret Destroyed Blueprint Target Blueprint Target Spawner Blueprint Moving Platform Blueprint Combined Turret Static Mesh (44k Triangles, 4 Lods) Muzzle Flash particle 5 Smoke Particles Damage Sparks Particle

Number of Blueprints:




Network Replicated:


Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


Notes In Blueprint


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Scifi Minigun Turret

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