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These Animated Low-Poly Ocean Animals all contain a dynamic Spline blueprint, which makes your creatures bend and roll as they swim along your custom spline path!
The package comes with 4 creatures, each including their own procedural spline animation Blueprints:

  • Whale Shark
  • Great White Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Sunfish (also called a Moa Moa)

Each creature comes with its own Vertex Animated mesh, which is compatible with the Fish School System and Fish School System V2 packages.

Each Blueprint is highly customizable and creates life-like Animations by dynamically changing speeds, and transforming bones to bend & roll around corners. The three sharks can optionally open their mouth when nearing the player. All creatures include physics assets created for rag-doll effects which include jaw hinge movement (except for the sunfish, because their jaw is literally fused open in real life).

The Animal Materials do not use texures, but instead use material gradient nodes, to save on Hard Drive space. These Materials have been planned in advance to allow maximum tweaking so you can adjust the color and effects of your material instances with complete control.

A demo scene has been included with Underwater PostProcess Settings, Caustic Lighting, Fog, & Depth of Field, along with a stylized world-space sand material.

The Whale Shark, Great White & Hammerhead contain the following Animations:

  • Idle
  • Swimming
  • Turn Left Pose
  • Turn Right Pose
  • Mouth Open Pose

These animations are utilized in a blendspace and an Animation Blueprint, in order to allow for the creature to turn as is moves along your custom spline path.

The Sunfish includes a swimming animation and an idle animation, along with a ‘breathing’ gill and animation which blends with the other two animations.

Spline System Tutorial


4 Ocean Animal skeletal meshes Ragdoll Physics Assets for all meshes Spline Blueprints for all animals, with numerous dynamic speed and animation variables (see screenshot for example) Blendspaces for all animals Example level with numerous creatures set up to swim along spline paths Annotations in blueprints



Rigged to Epic skeleton:




Number of Animations:


Animation type:


Number of characters:


Vertex counts of characters:

Whale Shark = 11400 Great White Shark = 4000 Hammerhead Shark = 2000 Sunfish = 1600

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

2048 = 1 1024 = 3 512 = 3

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows and Mac


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Poly Style Ocean Animals Vol. 2


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