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Elevate the terror in your games with our comprehensive Horror Decals pack, featuring over 120 spine-chilling decals to startle and thrill your players!
This collection includes a user-friendly Decal Blueprint, streamlining your level design process by allowing quick selection and implementation of decals across various scary categories.

The pack boasts 95 decals in stunning 4K resolution and 28 in sharp 2K, ensuring crystal-clear horror elements in your games.
Each decal material is efficiently designed to use only a single texture, eliminating the need for normal maps and conserving texture memory.
This optimization means you can incorporate more high-resolution decals without sacrificing performance.

Decal Textures Breakdown:

  • 26 Horror Symbol Decals
  • 18 Large English Text Decals
  • 17 Smear Decals
  • 15 Circular Decals
  • 14 Large Alien Text Decals
  • 13 Wall Stain Decals
  • 12 Skull / Face Decals
  • 7 Small Text Decals

Color Customization:
All decal colors are adjustable via a Material Parameter Collection, allowing you to swiftly tweak the style to fit your game’s unique aesthetic.
This flexibility ensures that our Horror Decals pack not only scares but also seamlessly blends with your game’s design, making it a must-have for any horror game developer.


122 Horror Decals 1 Decal Blueprint with easy Decal Selection Material Parameter Collection for Color Control

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

4096 = 95 2048 = 28 1024 = 6

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Horror Decals Pack

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