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Introducing the Grey Alien Character Creator: where extraordinary design collides with your creative universe!
This character comes equipped with:

  • An extensive character creation toolkit
  • ARKit facial motion capture support
  • 8K textures
  • A Epic Skeleton Rig

Modify and morph features including muscularity, gender, eye size, head size, skin color, eye type, and much more.
The possibilities are virtually limitless, with millions of potential variations at your fingertips!

Key Highlights:

Apple’s ARKit Integration:
Seamless compatibility with Apple’s ARKit for realistic facial motion capture, perfect for YouTube content creators or cinematic productions.

Epic Games Skeleton Compatibility:
Fully rigged to the Epic Games skeleton, this alien character easily adapts to a vast array of animations available on the Epic Games Store, ensuring smooth and versatile movement.

Ultra-High-Resolution Textures:
Boasting an impressive 8192×8192 texture resolution, this character is crafted for the most visually demanding games and cinematics.

Diverse Material Selection:
Choose from 9 unique material types to tailor the alien’s appearance to your project’s needs.

Eye Customization Options:
Engage your audience with captivating eyes, thanks to 3 eye textures and 9 eye materials.

Versatile Suit Options:
The alien’s optional suit is applied as a material, providing flexibility to use the same mesh for both clothed and unclothed variations. This also allows any custom morphing to apply to the suit as well as the body.

This Grey Alien is not just a character; it’s a statement piece for your next sci-fi project. Whether for games, cinematics, or interactive media, it’s designed to elevate your creative work to otherworldly dimensions!


8k texture resolution 2 Idle Animations 1 Dance Animation Rigged to Epic Skeleton 9 Grey Alien Material Instances



Rigged to Epic skeleton:


If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included:




Number of Animations:


Animation types:


Number of characters:


Vertex counts of characters:


Number of Character Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Demo Environment Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Character Textures:


Number of Demo Environment Textures:


Character Texture Resolutions:

8192 = 2 4096 = 2 2048 = 1 512 = 1 256 = 1

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Grey Alien Character Creator

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