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Introducing the Ultimate Found Footage Handheld Camera System!
Dive into the suspenseful world of found footage films with this comprehensive camera system, designed to enhance immersion and elevate the realism of your projects.
Ideal for horror, suspense, and thriller and action genres, this asset is a must-have for creators looking to create an authentic atmosphere.

Realistic Handheld Camera Player Pawn:
Experience the game as if you’re holding a real camera, complete with dynamic movements. This Blueprint is plug-and-play, meaning that it should work with standard damage causing actors such as zombie A.I, harmful elements in your environment etc…

Player Damage Blood Screen Effects:
Instantly notify the player about their health condition with immersive blood screen overlays.

Video-recording VCR Postprocess Effect:
Achieve that vintage camera look effortlessly with our VCR postprocess effects.

Stamina & Health:
Add an extra layer of challenge with stamina mechanics affecting the player’s ability to run!
Stamina and health values can easily be modified, along with regeneration delay and regeneration rates by simply opening up BP_HandHeldCamera_Pawn and changing the variables

Comprehensive Sound Effects:
This package contains 35 High-quality audio cues for breathing, walking, running, jumping, being scared, camera shaking, and more!

Custom VCR Text Photoshop File Template:
Easily create your custom VCR text to fit the context of your game! Just open up Contents/HandHeldCameraSystem and you will find a file called VHS_TextExample.psd

Camera Animations:

  • Idle
  • Jump
  • Pick up from the ground
  • Run
  • Receive Damage



Network Replicated:
Supported Development Platforms:
Additional Notes:
All Animal Animations:
Ambient Environment Sound Effects
Animation types:
Animation type:
Beluga Whale:
Beluga whale, Dolphin and Great White also include:
Blue Whale:
Both the Stingray and Manta Ray include:
Character Texture Resolutions:
Characters Texture Resolutions:
Davis3D Wind Blueprint
Decal Texture Resolutions:
Documentation Included:
Dolphin Animations:
Engine Compatibility:
Environment Texture Resolutions
Fish Model
Grass LODs:
Great White Shark:
If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included:
Important/Additional Notes:
Intended Platform:
Levels of Detail:
Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Character Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Character Textures:
Number of characters:
Number of Demo Environment Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Demo Environment Textures:
Number of Environment Textures
Number of Material Instances
Number of Materials:
Number of Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Meshes:
Number of Posed Animations
Number of Skeletal Meshes:
Number of Static Meshes:
Number of Textures:
Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Unique Meshes:
Orca Animations:
Other Features:
Other LODs:
Other Texture Resolutions:
Physically-Based Rendering
Physics Assets:
Plant Species
Plant Species meshes
Primary Textures:
Props scaled to Epic skeleton:
Rigged to Epic skeleton:
Rock Meshes
Scaled to Epic skeleton:
Skeletal Meshes:
Sky Features
Sperm Whale & Shark:
Spline Animation Blueprint controls:
Static Meshes
Stingray, Manta Ray & Cuttlefish Animations:
Supported Platforms:
Supported Target Build Platforms:
Texture Resolutions:
Texture Size:
Texture Sizes:
Tree LODs:
Turret Blueprint Features:
Vertex Animation Textures:
Vertex Animations:
Vertex count:
Vertex Counts:
Vertex Counts (for highest LODs)
Vertex counts of characters:
Vertex count of Character:
Vertex counts of Manta Ray:
Vertex counts of Stingray:
Whales, Sharks and Dolphins also includes:
Technical Features:
Number of Blueprints:


Number of Animations:



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Found Footage Handheld Shaky Cinematic Camera System


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