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Unleash epic battles in your fantasy world with our collection of 16 High-Quality Fantasy Weapons.
This diverse arsenal includes 10 distinct weapon blades, resulting in a total of 16 unique variations, each crafted to perfection.

The pack features three mesmerizing texture types to suit various narrative themes:

  1. Royal / Divine: For weapons worthy of legends and heroes, imbued with an ethereal and majestic quality.
  2. Bronze / Silver (Dwarven): Earthy and robust, perfect for crafting a dwarven warrior’s formidable armory.
  3. Rusty & Old: Add a touch of ancient lore or depict a battle-hardened past with these timeworn weapons.

Each weapon and texture is rendered in stunning detail, thanks to the efficient packing of 4096×4096 resolution textures.
This ensures that every blade, axe, and staff looks incredibly lifelike and vivid in your game environment.

The pack’s selection includes 6 shorter sword-type weapons, ideal for quick, agile combat scenarios.
Complementing these are 4 hefty axes, designed for powerful, impactful strikes.
Rounding off the collection are 6 staff-type weapons, perfect for characters that blend physical prowess with mystical elements.

Whether for close-quarter battles or mystical warfare, this Fantasy Weapons pack is an essential addition to bring depth and excitement to your game’s combat system


4 Axe Meshes 1 Mage Staff / hammer 5 Spear Staffs 5 Swords 1 Short Mage Staff Bronze, Royal, Silver and Aged material instances for all weapons

Number of Unique Meshes:




Vertex Counts:

3300 to 10k triangles = 13 10k to 13.4k triangles = 3 LOD3 on all weapon meshes is around 1k triangles


Yes, 4, Auto-generated

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

4096 = 91

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows and Mac


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Fantasy Weapons Pack


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