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Step into a world of contrasts with this incredible Dark Fantasy Forest Environment, featuring two Levels that couldn’t be more different!
This package contains not One Level, but TWO!!!
On the Peaceful Level, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, swaying grass, and a sense of calmness that will put your mind at ease.
You’ll see detailed trees and rocks, and a modular ruin set that adds a touch of mystery to your journey.

But on the Scary Level, you’ll be transported to an ominous and eerie environment, with barren and twisted trees, gloomy rocks, and muddy terrain that will make your skin crawl.
With every step, you’ll feel the dampness seeping through your clothes, and the sound of rain will be deafening. Be careful not to get lost in the darkness, and always keep an eye out for the danger lurking in every shadow.

This massive pack contains a whopping 107 static meshes, with a secondary texture map for almost every asset. This means you can customize and create a vast array of environments, whether you want to make a peaceful fantasy forest, a haunting muddy wasteland, or something in between. With this pack, your creativity is the limit!

It also contains a number of ambient sound effects, and a Wind Blueprint for adjusting wind intensity of the vegetation materials. The list of assets this package contains is simply too numerous to name, so be sure to download the demo and take a look yourself!

Static Meshes

32 Shrub / Thorn / Tree Static Meshes 15 Glowing Mushroom Meshes 12 Rock Static Meshes 11 Branch Static Meshes 9 Grass Static Meshes 7 Root Static Meshes 7 Ruins Static Meshes


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Fantasy Forest


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