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Venture on a Dungeon crawl like no other! Journey deep into the heart of a long-abandoned dwarven cavern! Marvel at the grandeur of towering statues and intricate stone carbings that tell the story of the dwarves who once called this place home. From the glowing runes that light your way to the realistic water features, every element of this fantasy environment has been crafted with care to transport you to a world of magic and mystery. Experience the wonder of the dwarven dungeon temple today!

This Ancient Fantasy Temple contains everything you need for your AAA game experience, including but not limited to:

  • 186 Unique Meshes
  • Snowing Background Mountaints
  • Northern Lights
  • 4k Textures for virtually all models
  • An abundance of Ambient Sound Effects
  • Fire Particle Effects created from footage of real fire
  • Realistic Glowing water Material
  • Realistic Planet Material
  • Optimized Mesh Lightmaps
  • Modular Meshes (5cm Grid minimum)
  • 6 Royal Banner Textures & Materials
  • Numerous other features! Be sure to download the Demo! (link at the top of description)


Static meshes

  • 15 Arch Meshes
  • 11 Architectural Meshes
  • 12 Modular Block Meshes
  • 8 Foliage Meshes
  • 16 Pillar Meshes
  • 17 Candle Meshes with 13 associated blueprints (Groups of Meshes created from 4 unique Candles)
  • 6 Unique Candle Stand Meshes
  • 9 Cauldron Meshes
  • 3 Crystal Meshes
  • 6 Pot Meshes
  • 8 Gold Pattern Meshes
  • 1 Throne Mesh
  • 2 Hanging Candle Holder Meshes
  • 1 Wall Torch Mesh
  • 1 Lion, 1 Dragon & 1 Human Ornamental Head Meshes
  • 1 Large Dwarven Statue Meshes with 4 Texture Types – Gold, Gold-Stone, Stone, and Moss
  • 1 Table, 1 Chair & 1 Mug Mesh
  • 1 Banner Mesh with Hanging Metal Bar
  • 3 Mountain Mesh Variations (utilizing 1 Material)
  • 6 Standard Rock Meshes
  • 25 hexagonal Rock Meshes (Utilizing two 4k Materials)
  • 5 Stair Meshes
  • 12 Trim Meshes
  • 1 Northern Lights Mesh


Sound Effects

  • 6 Looping Ambient Cave Sounds
  • 2 Looping Fire Sounds
  • 1 Owl Hoot Sound
  • 1 Water Looping Sound



  • 2 Fire Particles
  • 1 Smoke Particle
  • 2 Steam Particles



  • 1 Fog Color Changer Blueprint – This allows the Exponential Height Fog’s thickness and color to be gradually changed based on the distance between the camera and the blueprint.
  • 13 Candle Blueprints
  • 2 Torch Fire Blueprints (Bright and Dim)
  • 2 Cauldron Fire Blueprints (Bright and Dim)
  • 5 Assorted Crystal Lamp Blueprints (with Material Changer Ability)
  • 1 Crystal Lamp Pillar Blueprint
  • 2 Fire Blueprints
  • 1 Banner Blueprint (With Material Changer Ability)
  • 6 Architectural Assembly Blueprints (static with no dynamic functionality)
  • 1 Glowing Statue Blueprint (with pointlights for glowing eyes and axe)


(Please note, LOD Biases have been set on all textures to increase performance and lower the Download size – so the Demo is not full resolution textures. To enable Full-Resolution textures, set all your textures to have a LOD bias of 0)


Northern Lights Mesh and Material 93 Dwarven Architectural Meshes 8 Foliage Meshes 37 Rock Meshes 28 Sound waves & Sound Cues 4k Textures for almost all assets 5 Particle Effects 13 Candle Blueprints 13 Other Light Blueprints 10 Other Blueprints

All Animal Animations:
Ambient Environment Sound Effects
Animation types:
Animation type:
Beluga Whale:
Beluga whale, Dolphin and Great White also include:
Blue Whale:
Both the Stingray and Manta Ray include:
Character Texture Resolutions:
Characters Texture Resolutions:
Davis3D Wind Blueprint
Decal Texture Resolutions:
Documentation Included:
Dolphin Animations:
Engine Compatibility:
Environment Texture Resolutions
Fish Model
Grass LODs:
Great White Shark:
If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included:
Important/Additional Notes:
Intended Platform:
Levels of Detail:
Materials and Material Instances:
Network Replicated:
Number of Animations:
Number of Blueprints:
Number of Character Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Character Textures:
Number of characters:
Number of Demo Environment Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Demo Environment Textures:
Number of Environment Textures
Number of Material Instances
Number of Materials:
Number of Meshes:
Number of Posed Animations
Number of Skeletal Meshes:
Number of Static Meshes:
Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:
Orca Animations:
Other Features:
Other LODs:
Other Texture Resolutions:
Physically-Based Rendering
Physics Assets:
Plant Species
Plant Species meshes
Primary Textures:
Props scaled to Epic skeleton:
Rigged to Epic skeleton:
Rock Meshes
Scaled to Epic skeleton:
Skeletal Meshes:
Sky Features
Sperm Whale & Shark:
Spline Animation Blueprint controls:
Static Meshes
Stingray, Manta Ray & Cuttlefish Animations:
Supported Platforms:
Supported Target Build Platforms:
Texture Size:
Texture Sizes:
Tree LODs:
Turret Blueprint Features:
Vertex Animation Textures:
Vertex Animations:
Vertex count:
Vertex Counts (for highest LODs)
Vertex counts of characters:
Vertex count of Character:
Vertex counts of Manta Ray:
Vertex counts of Stingray:
Whales, Sharks and Dolphins also includes:
Technical Features:
Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, auto-generated, and per-poly


Yes, Auto Generated

Vertex Counts:

1k and under = 30 1k to 5k = 56 5k to 10k = 35 10k to 20k = 32 20k to 50k = 22 50k to 100k = 10 100k-200k = 2

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

8192 = 4 4096 = 318 2048 = 32 1024 = 18 512 = 21 256 and under = 4

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows and Mac

Additional Notes:

Textures are uploaded at extremely high resolution for film and animation, but are not enabled by default. To enable these Ultra-high texture resoltions, simply bulk-edit all your textures and reset the LOD Bias to "0".


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Dungeon Temple


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