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Embark on an aquatic adventure with our Ocean Dolphin Pack, featuring a cutting-edge spline animation system for rapid and efficient animation of multiple dolphins.
This pack is tailored for quick deployment, allowing you to breathe life into your dolphin animations in mere seconds.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Spline Animation System: Animate dolphins along custom paths swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Vertex Animated Mesh: Optionally compatible with the Fish School System for dynamic schooling behavior.
  • Rich Animation Set: Includes 3 core animations – Swim, Idle, and various Pose animations (Left, Right, Jaw).
  • Optimized for Performance: Comes with 4 levels of detail (LODs) and 6 Material Variations, including 3 for dry and 3 for wet appearances.
  • Customizable Blueprint Settings: Extensive control over various parameters for tailored animation effects.
  • Advanced Material Customization: Pre-designed Material Parent allows for in-depth adjustments to material instances.

Demo Scene Included:
Experience a fully set-up demo scene, showcasing underwater post-process settings, caustic lighting, fog, and depth of field. Observe numerous dolphins navigating their environment, demonstrating the potential of the Dolphin Spline Blueprint.

The Ocean Dolphin Pack is an essential tool for game developers, VR experiences, and educational content creators looking to add a touch of realism and grace to their aquatic environments. This pack not only offers high-quality animations and customizable settings but also provides a glimpse into the possibilities of advanced dolphin animation in your projects.

Spline System Tutorial


1 Skeletal mesh, with a Physics Asset 3 Swimming Animations blended together in a BlendSpace1D, used in an Animation Blueprint 1 Spline Blueprint which allows control of movement speed timing, animation intensity, playrate, acceleration, deceleration, material type and whether or not to play dynamically or maintain a constant speed. 1 Parent Material and 6 Dolphin Material Instances (3 wet & 3 dry) 1 Vertex Animation Static Mesh for usage with the Fish School System. 1 Parent Material and 3 Dolphin Vertex Animation Material Instances (for the Vertex Animation 3 LODS) 2 Dolphin Diffuse Textures (Young and Old)

Additional Notes:
All Animal Animations:
Ambient Environment Sound Effects
Animation type:
Beluga Whale:
Beluga whale, Dolphin and Great White also include:
Blue Whale:
Both the Stingray and Manta Ray include:
Character Texture Resolutions:
Characters Texture Resolutions:
Davis3D Wind Blueprint
Decal Texture Resolutions:
Dolphin Animations:
Engine Compatibility:
Environment Texture Resolutions
Fish Model
Grass LODs:
Great White Shark:
If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included:
Important/Additional Notes:
Intended Platform:
Levels of Detail:
Materials and Material Instances:
Network Replicated:
Number of Blueprints:
Number of Character Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Character Textures:
Number of Demo Environment Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Demo Environment Textures:
Number of Environment Textures
Number of Material Instances
Number of Materials:
Number of Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Meshes:
Number of Posed Animations
Number of Skeletal Meshes:
Number of Static Meshes:
Number of Textures:
Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:
Number of Unique Meshes:
Orca Animations:
Other Features:
Other LODs:
Other Texture Resolutions:
Physically-Based Rendering
Physics Assets:
Plant Species
Plant Species meshes
Props scaled to Epic skeleton:
Rock Meshes
Skeletal Meshes:
Sky Features
Sperm Whale & Shark:
Spline Animation Blueprint controls:
Static Meshes
Stingray, Manta Ray & Cuttlefish Animations:
Supported Development Platforms:
Supported Target Build Platforms:
Texture Resolutions:
Texture Size:
Texture Sizes:
Tree LODs:
Turret Blueprint Features:
Vertex Animations:
Vertex count:
Vertex Counts:
Vertex Counts (for highest LODs)
Vertex count of Character:
Vertex counts of Manta Ray:
Vertex counts of Stingray:
Whales, Sharks and Dolphins also includes:
Technical Features:
Scaled to Epic skeleton:




Rigged to Epic skeleton:




Number of characters:


Vertex counts of characters:

LOD0=4524 LOD1=4397 LOD2=1360 LOD3=368

Primary Textures:

1x 4096×4096 3x 2048×2048 2x 1024×1024 2x 512×512

Vertex Animation Textures:

2x 2441×52 2x 692×52 2x 186×52

Number of Animations:


Animation types:


Supported Platforms:

Desktop PC Mac Xbox 1 PS4 HTC Vive Oculus Rift

Documentation Included:



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