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Introducing ‘Azrakul,’ the formidable demonic antagonist for your next Fantasy RPG or horror game!
This fully rigged Demon character utilizes the Epic Games Skeleton, ensuring seamless retargeting compatibility with a vast array of animations available on the Epic Games Marketplace. It also comes complete with a fantasy sword and an A.I blueprint that attacks the player!

A.I Blueprint

What sets this character apart is its built-in basic AI blueprint setup. With AI perception sensing, the demon can search for players with sight and sound, adding a layer of realism and unpredictability.
It comes with roaming, chasing, and death behaviors to diversify gameplay interactions.

Unprecedented Quality

Azrakul boasts stunning 8K textures for its body, while the shoulderpads and lower-clothing feature meticulously detailed 4K texture groups, enhancing its menacing appearance.

Mesh Variations

Choose from three distinct skeletal meshes:

  • Fully Armoured: Witness Azrakul adorned in a complete suit of armor, radiating an aura of invincibility and power.
  • One Shoulder Pad: This variant adds an asymmetrical touch, featuring a single shoulder pad that highlights Azrakul’s individuality and formidable presence.
  • No Shoulder Pads: For a streamlined and agile aesthetic, this skeletal mesh option provides a sleek and unencumbered portrayal of Azrakul.

Adding to the immersive experience, the cloth-flap between Azrakul’s legs is physics-enabled, allowing it to sway with the wind and move dynamically alongside the character.
To complement this exceptional character, an included playable 3rd-person demo environment showcases Azrakul in action, utilizing the 3rd-person mannequin default pawn.
Get your hands on this captivating asset now, and bring a new level of fear and excitement to your gaming experience!

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Fire Demon

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