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Delve into the realm of terror with our new Burning Demonic Zombie, a character so vividly real it will set your game ablaze.
This menacing foe isn’t just another adversary; it’s an embodiment of nightmare fuel, with glowing embers and heat waves that bring a spine-chilling realism to your gaming experience.
Can you withstand the inferno and outlast this relentless hunter?

Asset Highlights:

Vivid Visuals: Photorealistic Textures with Dynamic Materials
Our Burning Demonic Zombie showcases top-tier textures and captivating material options like Red Lava, Blue Energy, and Green Acid. Enhanced with up to 8K resolution, it vividly portrays every eerie detail.
Additionally, the optional heat-wave effect intensifies the surreal horror, seamlessly integrating into the character’s visuals.

Performance Optimized
Skillfully balancing detail and efficiency, this character has a 21,800 triangle count, ensuring seamless performance in your Unreal Engine projects.

Dynamic Animation Set
The asset includes two attack animations, an idle animation, as well as walk and run animations, infusing the character with eerie life.

AI Perception Sensing
This Demonic Zombie’s A.I. perception sensing system incorporates sight and sound-based player detection, adding chilling realism and unpredictability to player encounters.
The character’s behaviors encompass roaming, chasing, and death actions, enriching interactions.
Furthermore, the zombie can execute interactive attacks while in pursuit and may lose track of the player if out of sight for a duration, enhancing depth and tension in player encounters.

Consider incorporating our Burning Demonic Zombie into your next Unreal Engine project. This asset isn’t just a character; it’s a game-changer perfect for prototyping and bringing to life the most haunting gaming experiences.

Number of Environment Textures


Environment Texture Resolutions

4096 x 4096 = 12 2048 = 6 1024 = 2 512 = 1 128 = 2


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Demonic Lava Zombie

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