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This Beluga Whale comes with a procedural spline animation system that produces dynamic acceleration, turning and rolling along splines.

The whale’s mouth optionally opens when it nears the player, or animates on its own. The whale also optionally makes its natural ‘clicking noises’ at random intervals, and the package also contains an underwater beluga whale ambient background sound, suitable for groups of beluga whales.

The package includes 2 swimming animations & 3 Poses, combined in a Blendspace that animates the Whale’s movement.

It comes with 4 LODs, and a range of adjustable blueprint settings allowing maximum customization.

The Material parent has been planned in advance to allow maximum tweaking so you can adjust your material instances with complete control.

Additionally, a demo scene has been included with Underwater PostProcess Settings, Caustic Lighting, Fog, & Depth of Field, along with many Whales with their paths set up, demonstrating what can be accomplished with the Spline Blueprint.


Spline System Tutorial


Idle Swim Slow Swim Fast Pose Left Pose Right Pose Mouth Open

Spline Animation Blueprint controls:

Starting Distance along spline Toggle dynamic speed or maintain a constant speed. Toggle whether mouth opens near player Mesh Scale Show Spline Animation Playrates for slow and fast Animation Acceleration & Deceleration Distance for mouth to start opening Timing for how long to swim slow and fast Randomness multiplier of timing Movement speed acceleration & deceleration Movement speeds for slow and fast Intensity of rolling around corners Non-Dynamic speed, playrate & intensity Roll, rotation & movement smoothing values 1 Skeletal mesh A realistic Physics Asset for ragdoll effects A BlendSpace combined with 4 animations 1 Parent Material and 1 Material Instance for Whale

Scaled to Epic skeleton:




Rigged to Epic skeleton:




Number of characters:


Number of Animations:


Animation types:


Vertex counts of characters:

LOD0=11358 LOD1=3635 LOD2=1383 LOD3=597

Texture Resolutions:

3x 4096 2x 1024 2x 512 1x 256

Supported Platforms:

Desktop PC / Mac / Xbox 1/ PS4 / HTC Vive / Oculus Rift

Documentation Included:

Yes, in Blueprints


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Beluga Whale

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