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The Asteroid Mega Pack contains 53 Asteroids, with 8 Asteroid Themes and numerous Planets!
The package also includes a blueprint system that places your chosen asteroids randomly inside a volume, and allows you to adjust the size and the array of asteroid meshes!
Every Asteroid theme has a Material Instance Parent, allowing you to adjust appearance settings for all asteroids belonging to the theme.
This package also includes a realistic Planet Material, with 3 main planet surface textures, 1 cloud texture, and 1 normal map. Included is also a flickering Stars Material, and a Planet Ring Mesh & Material with numerous Material Instances.
It contains 7 demonstration levels, complete with planet rings, fog and post processing effects.
A breakdown of the themes and the number of asteroids in each can be seen below:

  • Cratered = 12
  • Crystal = 9
  • Ice = 9
  • Holed = 6
  • Soft = 5
  • Mineral = 4
  • Organic = 4
  • Glowing = 4


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Asteroids Mega Pack

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