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Step into the realm of photorealism with our elegantly designed Archviz bathroom. This asset features 14 high-poly individual assets, meticulously crafted to maintain exceptional detail, even upon close inspection, ensuring your visualizations stand out with their realism and precision.

Materials in this package are crafted for effortless editing, with colors modifiable through vector parameters for streamlined customization.

Included in this package are two high-resolution wood materials, complete with detailed normal maps to enhance the sense of realism. The custom-designed marble floor adds an element of luxury, while the optional secondary towel material offers additional versatility to your bathroom designs.

This Archviz bathroom package is not just an asset collection; it’s a gateway to crafting spaces that exude elegance, sophistication, and lifelike detail, perfect for high-end visualizations.


Includes a Toilet Blueprint for placement with seat & lid. Seat rotation is controlled by public variables. High quality meshes with custom tangents for polygonal efficiency Includes a 3D Night City panorama with dynamic lights for simulating distant traffic

Props scaled to Epic skeleton:


Number of Meshes:



Yes – All have manually created, with the exception of the shower and bath being per-poly.


Most meshes (excluding walls) have 3 LODS.

Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Size:

6 x 4096 4 x 4096×2048 3 x 2048 1 x 2048×1024 2 x 2048×1024 6 x 1024 1 x 1024×512 7 x 512 1 x 256 2 x 128 x 8 2 x 4×4

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Supported Target Build Platforms:

Windows, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, XBox One, PS4


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ArchViz Bathroom

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