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Uncover the secrets of an extraterrestrial world with our Mysterious Alien Desert Temple, a comprehensive asset pack designed to bring an otherworldly ambiance to your projects.
With 49 meticulously crafted meshes and 4 versatile material themes, this package is a treasure trove for creators seeking to infuse their projects with a blend of ancient mystique and alien technology.
Each mesh comes with multiple texture and material variations for extensive customization. Choose from Sandstone, Black Stone, Silver, and Gold to set the perfect tone for your temple.

Key Features

Varied Mesh Collection

  • 3 Pillar Meshes
  • 2 Stair Meshes
  • 2 Large Stone Blocks
  • 17 Rubble Variations
  • 2 Pharaoh Statue Heads (Alien and Human)
  • 4 Hooded Statue Mesh Variations
  • 1 Anubis Statue and Staff
  • 7 Giant Wall Variations
  • 4 Rock Variations
  • 1 Sculpted Landscape Mesh
  • 3 Mountain Variations

Dynamic Particle Effects:
Create a compelling atmosphere with particle effects essential for simulating intense sandstorm weather conditions.
Includes 4 dust particles (with 3 variations each), rocks falling particles (with sound effect), and dust specks particles (with a blueprint for camera proximity effects).

Immersive Sound and Visual Effects:
Enhance the ambiance with two Desert Wind sounds: Intense Sandstorm and Distant Wind Howling.
A distance-based heat-distortion post-processing effect adds realism to your desert scenes.

Demonstration Levels:
Explore 3 Levels demonstrating the potential uses of these assets, providing inspiration and a showcase of the pack’s capabilities.

This Mysterious Alien Desert Temple pack is not just a collection of assets; it’s a gateway to creating immersive, alien-themed environments, perfect for games, cinematics, and VR experiences. Dive into a world of ancient alien mystery and let your creativity flourish with this unique and versatile asset pack.


3 Pillar Meshes 2 Stair Meshes 2 large stone block Meshes 17 Rubble Meshes 8 Statue Meshes 7 Giant Wall Meshes 4 Rock Meshes 3 Mountain Variations 1 Landscape Mesh 2 Wind Sound Effects + Cues 1 Rocks Falling Sound Effect + Cue Distance based Heat wave Post-processing Material Dust Specks Emmitter Falling Rocks Emmitter SandStorm Volumetric Emmitter 4 Heavy Dust emmitters 4 Thin Dust emmitters 4 Dark Blue Dust emmitters (for dark level variation) Moon, Gas Planet, Planet Clouds and Stars textures included



Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, automatically generated

Texture Resolutions:

4096 x 104 2048 x 9 1024 x 9 512 x 3 256 x 1 4 x 1

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows and Mac


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Alien Egyptian Temple Ruins

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