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Explore the depths of a grotesque alien world with our Biomass Package, perfect for creating a toxic, slimy planet surface that will intrigue and challenge your players.
This package is designed to bring a vividly eerie environment to life, complete with dynamic color customization and high-quality 4K textures.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Environment: Easily alter the color scheme of the entire landscape using the intuitive Material Collection parameter, equipped with user-friendly sliders.
  • High-Resolution Textures: The package comes with 4K textures, providing stunning visual detail. These can be downsized as needed to accommodate your platform’s performance capabilities.
  • Animated Meshes for Lifelike Movement: All included meshes are animated within the material, ensuring organic, life-like movement that enhances the realism of the environment.
  • Interior Demo Scene: Our Biomass Package also features a comprehensive demo scene, showcasing how the biomass elements can be seamlessly integrated into interior environments, such as an abandoned Sci-Fi facility. This hands-on example serves as a valuable guide, demonstrating the potential of these assets to transform and enhance your own creative spaces with a haunting alien ambiance.

Included Static Meshes:

  • 3 Egg Meshes
  • 3 Egg Sack Meshes (including one vertex-animated for opening and closing)
  • 7 Worm Variations (tendrils animated with material)
  • 2 Floor Entrails
  • 2 Hanging Ceiling Tendrils
  • 1 Floor Mesh with Horns
  • 1 Floor Mesh with Tendrils
  • 1 Floor Mesh with Teeth
  • 1 Floor Blob
  • 4 Hanging Entrail Vines
  • 2 Wall Meshes
  • 1 Floor Corner Mesh (ideal for interior wall alignment)
  • 1 Ceiling-Connecting Floor Corner Mesh

Sound Effects:

  • Two organic slime sound effects and a chilling ambient wind sound effect, adding an extra layer of immersive horror to the environment.

This Biomass Package is ideal for game developers seeking to create a hauntingly immersive and interactive experience.
Whether for horror, sci-fi, or fantasy-themed projects, it provides the tools to construct an unsettlingly alive alien terrain.


An Alien Planet Demonstration Level An Interior Infection Demonstration level 2 Organic Slime Sounds Effects 1 Scary Ambient Wind sound 2 Biomass Static Meshes with custom vertex animations 32 Biomass Static Meshes with World Position Offset animations 3 Interior Scifi Corridor Meshes with 4k textures (Floor, Wall & Ceiling) 1 Master Material with a Parent Material Instance for all biomass meshes 1 Master Material with a Parent Material Instance for all Scifi Corridor meshes Bioluminescent pulsing controls in Master Material Instance 1 Glow Mote particle 1 Blueprint that keeps particle stuck to camera 2 Corridor blueprints (with flickering and static lighting) 1 Landscape Material 2 Organic Tiling Normal Maps 1 Organic Tiling Diffuse texture

Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Counts:

3 Metal Scifi Modular Meshes between 400-900 Tris 1 High detailed Biomass Corridor Mesh at 50,000 tris 16 Biomass Meshes between 5000-10,000 Tris 18 Biomass Meshes between 500-5000 Tris



Number of Materials and Material Instances:


Number of Textures:


Texture Resolutions:

4096x = 51 2048 = 11 1024 = 2 512 = 3 128 = 1 vertex animation textures ( 4999×2 pixels) = 2

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows & Mac


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Alien Biomass Environment

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