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Want your take your game to the limit?
Our Pro Physics World will elevate your game and save countless hours of development time – no coding required.
Lets jump right in and see the magic in action!

Foliage Physics

Our Pro foliage physics system intelligently detects nearby plants and seamlessly converts them into interactive blueprints using highly efficient object pooling methods.
When the physics blueprint moves away from the plant, it converts back into a foliage instance – ensuring smooth performance.
We’ve integrated 6 plants into the system, ready to enhance your world with vibrant and interactive vegetation with the following features:

  • Performance Boost: Optimized for AAA games, the only bottleneck here is Unreal’s native physics engine! Our conversion system has 0% performance impact!
  • Auto-Variation: Say goodbye to identical plants! Create diverse ecosystems with plant materials that automatically change color, brightness, and saturation.
  • Animatable Variables:  bioluminescent jungles or alien fields that light up on touch!
  • Pro Explosions: We included an optimised explosive projectile to showcase how our physics system handles numerous explosive interactions!
  • Scale-based Physics: Automatically adjust plant physics by size, whether you want them free-flowing, resistant, or rock solid.
  • Sound FX: Make your foliage play sound effects on collision. We’ve included 11 plant sounds and 9 balloon sounds you might find useful.
  • Adjustable Timing: Set the time it takes for your foliage to reset to its base-pose.
  • Controlled Culling: Choose when the Foliage Influencer activates: always on, in view, within a certain distance, or both.

Pro Foliage Parent Blueprint

Our foliage parent blueprint got an huge upgrade! We’ve now opened the door to unlimited custom effects.
Plants now light up when you touch them, ballons pop when recieving damage, and much more!
We have exposed a range of events and variables allowing you to easily create and animate different effects.

Pro Grass & Mud Trails

Grass now reacts to distance field lighting, creating mesmerizing glow waves around rocks and plants.
As players and objects move through it, they trample the grass, triggering a bioluminescent glow.
If you find yourself caught in the rain, you’ll leave behind trails of mud, displacing the landscape as the waters rise.

Storm Level & Lightning Effects

This pack comes with not one level, but two! Enter the storm, as our advanced weather system fades in rain particles, fog, material wetness, and splashing effects.
It includes 2D background lightning and procedural 3D foreground lightning strikes, casting realistic parallaxed landscape shadows.
With user-friendly documentation, it’s designed for seamless integration into any environment.

Water Fluid Simulation

Using Unreal’s native water plugin, we’ve integrated fluid simulation for lifelike liquid movement.
The distance-field bioluminescent water material, featuring glowing player ripples, creates a stunning visual experience.
Additionally, we’ve included a Rising Water blueprint that uses runtime virtual textures for player ripples, offering a variety of dynamic options!

Pro Wind System

Transform your landscape with the Pro Etherion Wind System – with zero vertex stretching issues!
This powerful tool blankets your entire level with a dynamic wind map, bringing each plant to life with realistic animations.
Customize wind intensity, speed, and scale to enhance the realism and immersion of your environment effortlessly.

Planets and Atmosphere

Experience realistic planet materials with varying ring sizes, vibrant nebulae, and twinkling star effects.
This package also includes two mountains and a range of efficient cloud materials, creating an immersive and visually captivating atmosphere.

Auto-Snow Materials

Discover our pack of 7 rocks featuring an auto-snow-surface material, ensuring snow stays on top for realistic transitions.
This adds a touch of authenticity and visual appeal to your environments, making them more immersive and lifelike.

Footstep Sound Effects

Automatically detect the surface beneath your player and play the right footstep sound.
There are 29 ground sounds like dirt, grass, mud, and sand, plus 16 water footstep sounds.

Distance Field Improvement Hack

Ever noticed how Unreal 5 has super pixelated distance fields, while Unreal 4 didn’t?
This known issue has even been recognized by the devs at Epic Games. But don’t worry—we’ve hacked a fix!

Extensive Documentation

The Alien Physics World includes extensive step-by-step documenatation and tutorial videos to help you set up and customize the system.
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these tutorials will help you master the Foliage System quickly.

Note: This asset utilizes Skeletal Meshes and Physics assets, not Vertex Animation.
If you wish to create your own interactive foliage meshes, you must create Skeletal Meshes using 3rd Party Software.


– A user-friendly foliage physics system
– 6 foliage types integrated with the system
– A dynamic foliage wind system
– 7 rocks featuring auto-snow-surface material for realistic transitions
– Stunning stars, nebula, and planets to enhance your Atmosphere
– 2 snowcapped mountain meshes with ethereal misty cloud materials
– Bioluminescent Water Material utilizing Distance Fields
– Extensive video tutorials!!!

Mesh Vertice Counts

70k = 1
50k = 2
10-20k = 5
5-10k = 5
1-5k = 14
500-1k = 5
500 & under = 5

Foliage Physics Assets



Alien Plant Parent Material
Waterbody Parent Material
Underwater Post-Process Parent Material
Planet Parent Material
Planet Ring Parent Material
Rock Master Parent with Snow-top
Glowing Grass Parent Material
Landscape Island Material
Landscape Muddy Parallax Material
Lightning Materials
Cloud Materials
Mountain Material
Twinkling Stars
Underwater Decal Material
66 Material Instances

Texture Resolutions

4096 = 13
2048 = 35
1024 = 31
512 = 11
256 = 16
128 & under = 4


Foliage Influencer – This blueprint converts foliages to their associated blueprints.

Foliage Level Settings – This blueprint stores a list of foliage blueprints.

Foliage Plant Parent – This parent blueprint allows creation of child foliage blueprints.

Wind Controller – This blueprint controls the speed, scale and intensity of wind.

Grass Trail Capture – Creates a texture that records the grass trails for material usage

Grass Trail Waterbody Helper – Allows for the Grass Trail Capture blueprint to function while also including a waterbody in the level.

Sound Effect Utility – Allows random sounds from a list to be played using min-max delay timers. Useful for animal calls or random ambient noises.

POM Lighting – Allows the casting of Parallax Occlusion shadows for Landscape Materials.

Lightning 2D – Random background lightning, with sound effects and lights.

Lightning 3D – Random foreground lightning, which picks random striking positions based on target points.

Rising Water – A non-water-plugin solution to water and ripples.

Ripple Spawner – Spawns the ripple blueprint for Rising Water.

Ripple – Creates a ripple effect on the rising water material using runtime virtual textures.

Player Grass Displacement – This blueprint reads the position of the player for the grass material.

Water Sound Collider – This blueprint creates collision for the water footstep sounds.

Water Trace Channel Changer – This blueprint allows quick adjustment of the collision channel for the Water Sound Collider.

Particle Follower – This blueprint enables you to keep a particle following the player efficiently.

Distance Field Spline – This blueprint allows artificial creation of distance fields without a visible mesh. It is useful for shoreline water glow effects.

Physics Cube – the cube that can be pushed around in the level by the player.

Physics Ball – the ball that can be pushed around in the level by the player.

Explosion Projectile & Explosion Placeholder – Used to test physics interaction.

Footsteps AnimNotify Blueprint – Traces the physical material beneath the player and plays the appropriate footstep sound effect.

Music Player Blueprint & Widget – Allows playing of numerous music tracks with a menu system

Distance Field Fixer – fixes blocky distance field bug which causes pixelation on glowing water materials and other materials that utilize distance fields.


12 Balloon sounds
4 Foliage Rustle sounds
2 Ambient Wind sounds
Ambient Water Sound
5 Dry Thunder Sounds
2 Lightning Strike Sounds
1 Rain & Thunder looping ambient sound
6 Dirt footsteps
7 Grass footsteps
7 Hard Rock footsteps
9 Sand footsteps
6 Wet Bud footsteps
5 Shallow Water footsteps
5 Deep Water footsteps
Explosion sound



Important/Additional Notes:

The blueprints in this asset do not currenty support multiplayer. However, multiplayer support is planned for a future update.


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Alien Physics World – Pro


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