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Welcome to the planet of Panthera! Known for its intriguing scenery and native wildlife, this planet is sure to keep your senses hooked! On the north-side, take a thrill ride through the electric volcanic terrain of Transmedis! Along the equator, take a relaxing Bioluminescent Springs of Lambea; and at the South, the exotic Desert of Aranis.

These environments comes complete with 4k textures, an interactive foliage system, dynamic foreground and background lightning strikes, rain effects, sound effects, and much more! For a full preview of features, be sure to download the Free Demo, and read the technical information below:


Physics Plant Blueprint

The Physics Plant Spawner Blueprint is to be placed within your player pawn blueprint, and will automatically detect any of the interactive Alien plants that have been painted with Unreal’s foliage tool. When an Alien ground plant is detected within the radius of this blueprint, it will automatically switch it with a Plant Physics blueprint which the player can interact with. When the player stops touching and moves too far away from the plant, it will switch back to being an instanced foliage actor, preserving your game’s performance!

Weather Controller Blueprint

This blueprint can fade in and fade out the rain by triggering custom events.
It uses a timeline to adjust the Environments main “Material Parameter Collection” (called MPC_DesolatePlanet)
It fades in rain, and gradually increases the wetness of the master material – applying realistic rain effects to every surface in the environment. It also references your fog actor in the world, and increases the fog when it rains, according to your personalised variable settings.

2D Background Lightning Blueprint

This blueprint is designed to create distant flashes of lighting along your horizon. It includes delayed thunder sounds for realism, along with a flash of light that fills the entire scene. It is procedural and you can set your minimum and maximum timers, along with the random orientation variables.

3D Lightning Blueprint

This blueprint is designed to force a lightning strike within your player’s environment. It can sequentially or randomly select the lighting strike position using target points that you can place around your environment. Adjust your light intensity, and choose whether to have Stereo or Spacialized sound effects.

Rain Follows Player Blueprint

This blueprint keeps the rain particle snapped to your player’s camera.
The rain particle is also set to the Material Parameter Collection, so it fades in according to the Weather Controller Blueprint’s settings.

Sound Effects

Footstep Sound Effects

This pack comes with loads of footstep sound effects, which are hooked up to the Demo Mannequin Animation Blueprint.
The Mannequin Blueprint detects the Phyical Material under the player and will play the appropriate footstep sound effect accordingly.
There are 23 Footstep sounds, which include the following themes:

  • 7 Hard Rock Footstep Sounds
  • 8 Dirt Footstep Sounds
  • 5 Water Deep Footstep Sounds
  • 5 Water Shallow Footstep Sounds

When the Material Parameter Collection is set to “Wet”, the sound effects change accordingly to simulate the player running through puddles of water.


Two Texture Types

This package provides two texture skin types for each rock asset (Clean Stone and Mossy), and multiple material types for the plants. Please see the Overview level for examples of the two texture types.

Texture Resolution & Performance

All the main textures have been provided at a minimum of 4096×4096 resolution, just in case you require this environment for film.However, you can bulk-edit the textures and set their LODBias according to your performance needs.


Toxic Tentacle Plant – 5 Variations Glowing Tree – 3 Variations Roots – 2 Variations Tentacle Grass – 1 Variation with Physics Interactivity Barren Tree – 1 Variation


25 Hexagonal Rock Meshes 6 Blocky Rock Meshes 5 Spikey Rock Meshes 4 Small Rock Meshes 7 Medium Rock meshes 5 Flat Rock Meshes 2 Arch Rock Meshes


3D Lightning Mesh Skysphere Mesh

Ambient Environment Sound Effects

5 Dry Thunder Sound Effects 2 Lighting Clap Sound Effects 1 Ambient Rain with Thunder Sound Effect

1 review for Alien Fantasy Environment Mega Pack Vol.2

  1. ra-g (verified owner)

    I had an amazing time with the Mega pack vol2 assets! The 4k textures and interactive foliage are simply too stunning, and the foliage physics blew me away. The weather systems and detailed environments create an incredibly immersive experience. These assets are hands down the best I’ve seen for environmental quality and alien/fantasy realism.

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Alien Fantasy Environment Mega Pack Vol.2

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