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Jumpstart your development:

Bypass the time-consuming process of building environments from scratch.

Focus on your strengths:

Spend more time on your game's core mechanics, story, and character development.

Achieve professional-looking results:

Even with limited resources, you can create stunning visuals that impress players.


No coding tears! Drag and drop these environments into your game engine, saving you precious development time.


Basic Alien Physics



Foliage Physics

Basic interaction

Plant Coloration

Manual painting

Wind System

May have stretching issues


Grass Trampling Effects

Water Integration

Stormy Weather Effects

Ease of Use

User-friendly blueprint system

Pro Version ( FREE with any Environment)


Advanced Foliage Parent Blueprint

Automatic Variation

Improved Wind: Eliminates stretching artifacts

Dynamic Bio-luminescence

Advanced Features

You’ve unlocked a stunning alien environment, but what if you could make it truly dynamic and immersive? Introducing the Pro Alien Physics System, now included FREE with any Environment purchase! This powerful upgrade takes your alien worlds to the next level, adding features that will wow players and save you development time.

Pro Foliage System Features:
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What sets our environments apart?

A diverse selection:

Explore breathtaking alien landscapes, vibrant underwater worlds, and more.

Seamless integration:

Alien Physics World seamlessly integrates with popular game engines like Unreal Engine 4.27 and above.

Regular updates:

Your purchases evolve with you! We regularly update our assets, ensuring your existing environments stay cutting-edge and perform flawlessly.

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These environments are a game-changer!

They saved me countless hours and allowed me to focus on the creative aspects of my game.
John Smith, Indie Developer
My game environments look like they were ripped straight from a AAA title, thanks to Etherion Design's high-quality assets!
I couldn't have achieved this level of polish on my own, and it definitely helped me stand out on the marketplace.
Sarah Jones, Solo Developer
Highly recommended!
The quality is truly outstanding, and the customization options are fantastic.
Jane Dillon, Game Designer
Using these ready-made environments was a lifesaver!
I was able to prototype my game world so much faster, allowing me to iterate and test different ideas more efficiently. This definitely helped me refine my core gameplay loop and create a more engaging experience.
David Lee, Game Designer
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