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Setting up the Foliage System

Now that you have foliage painted in your level, we will need to add a few blueprints to get it functioning with your player.
Start by opening up the Blueprint Folder, and drag BP_FoliageLevelSettings blueprint into your level.

This blueprint acts as a list of which foliage actors we want the system to interact with.
If you select this actor and look at it’s details panel, you’ll see an array called “Foliage Blueprints”.
Here we will add the corresponding blueprints that match the foliage actors we previously added to the level.

Now lets get your custom character working with the foliage system!
Start by opening your character pawn blueprint.
Then, navigate to the Foliage Physics Blueprints folder in the content browser.

Drag and drop the BP_FoliageInfluencer blueprint into your character’s pawn blueprint.
BP_FoliageInfluencer acts as the Foliage to Blueprint converter.

During gameplay, it executes a sphere trace to detect nearby foliage instances from the FoliageLevelSettings list.
Upon detection, it converts them into their corresponding blueprints.
You have the flexibility to adjust the radius of the sphere trace by tweaking its variable.

 Begin by selecting ‘BP_FoliageInfluencer’.
In its details panel, navigate to the ‘Child_Actor_Template’ section.
Expand the Default settings to reveal all the related actor configurations.
Activate the ‘Physics Radius Visible’ checkbox and tweak the Physics Radius value to slightly exceed the size of your character.
Additionally, ensure its position aligns with the center of your character.

Please ensure to position ‘BP_FoliageInfluencer’ within your component hierarchy to ensure that tracks your character’s movements effectively.
Once adjustments are complete, deactivate the Physics Radius Visible checkbox.

Good job! The foliage actors should now be converting to blueprints in-game.
However, the player’s mesh still needs to be configured to ensure that it collides correctly with the foliage physics.

To do this, select your character’s skeletal mesh.
In the details panel, scroll down to see the Collision settings.
In order for the mesh to correctly interact with the foliage physics, we’ll need to adjust a number of these settings.

Firstly, the Mesh needs Generate Overlap Events Checked.
Under the Collision Enabled dropdown box, your mesh must be either:

  • Physics Only (No Query Collision)


  • Collision Enabled (Query and Physics)

Under the Object Type dropdown box, the Character’s mesh should be assigned one of the following options:

  • World Dynamic
  • World Static
  • Vehicle
  • Destructible

Under the Object Responses section, you must ensure that the Mesh has the Physics Body set to Block
If followed correctly, this guide should now have your player interacting with the foliage in your level! Well done! Give yourself a sticker!

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