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Painting Foliage

Let’s dive into adding some lush greenery to your project!
First, open your custom level.

Next, open the foliage tool, and add some of the pre-existing foliage meshes from the Alien Physics World.
Paint them in your level.

Now, onto the collision settings!
In order to work with our system, foliages require the following collision settings:  

  1. They must be set to “ Query Only”, or  “Query and physics”. Physics Only will not work.
  2. They must have the “Visibility” Trace Response checked.

If the plant is large, like SM_AlienPlant, you’d naturally want it to block your player in case the physics system gets disabled in game.
In this case, you can easily do this by setting the collision preset to “Block All”.

For weaker grass-type foliages, such as SM_Reed, you may want to set the object response collision to “Overlap” or “ignore”, so that the player can walk through them in case the physics system is disabled in-game. Additionally, you may also want the camera movement to not be affected by these foliages. In this case, set the “Camera” setting to “ignore”. 

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