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Importing / Merging the asset files

To move the Foliage Physics files from our Alien World project into your own project, we recommend moving the files manually instead of using Unreal’s native migration tool. 

If you are using our Lite version, please Navigate to the Alien Physics World’s project folder, and open up the Contents Folder.
Copy the Foliage Physics folder, along with the optional AdvancedLocomotionV4 folder, and paste it in your own project’s contents folder.

If you have purchased one of our premium environments from our Etherion Designs website, please copy over the Environment Folder along with the Foliage Physics folder, and optionally the AdvancedLocomotionV4 folder, and paste it in your own project’s contents folder. After migrating, there are a few settings you may want to enable, to ensure that all the assets work correctly in your project.

If you would like to use our grass asset, please open the project settings, and enable Runtime Virtual Textures.
If you would like to make use of our underwater decal, which disables specularity underwater, Turn on “DBuffer Decals” in the project Settings.
If you plan on using fluid simulation physics, adn you are using unreal 5, please enable the Water Plugin. Otherwise, if using Unreal version 4.27, please enable the waterbody plugin.

Please Note: If you purchased an environment from a website that is not Etherion Designs.com, you may need to move the Foliage Physics Folder from the environment folder, back into your contents folder, before starting the migration process. Instructions for this would have been provided on these alternative stores.

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